Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween memories

I thought I was on the ball getting Emma her Halloween costume one month before, in September.  She was into lions at that time, and I asked my mom to bring a lion costume from Vancouver when she came to visit.

Well, we tried to get her into it but she was simply terrified of it...she would not go near it, and if we tried to put it on ourselves she would start crying hysterically.  And it was NOT a scary costume, it was just a body and a mane.  In the end, I borrowed an elephant costume from someone and tried to get her into it.  She did not want to put the hat on, which made the entire costume look weird (like a grey body suit), and most importantly refused to walk in it, which meant that I had to carry her to the neighbours' houses for trick-or-treating.

Did we get much candy?  Not really...and I had to give it all away again because despite having bought six kilos of candy bars for that night, we had so many kids come to the door that we were out of sweets in about one hour.  We had to open the door and embarrassingly tell kids that we had no more candy.  That was quite the moment!

It was a pretty tiring Halloween.  Emma did not like the kids coming to the house dressed up in scary costumes, she got a bit freaked out.  Not to mention that the whole concept of having to give away candy was not in her list of favourite ways to spend Thursday nights either.

What she did like though was carving the pumpkin with her dad.  We did a good job, I think, for an uninitiated bunch.  And she got to say "jack-o-lantern" which sounds dementedly sweet coming from her mouth (dzak-o-lenten).

Hopefully next year she will be more independent, and will walk to the neighbours houses, carrying a big bag that she brings back full of candy, because I am sitting here looking for a fix and have nothing in the house to satisfy my sweet tooth with...

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