Thursday, February 28, 2013

laughing hurts!

I was told that I should not be lifting the 30 lb that my daughter weighs until six weeks after the operation.  However, a few times I had to help her on and off chairs or beds, and I can honestly say that although it hurt a little, it did not hurt nearly as much as coughing, sneezing, and especially laughing!  And we laugh a lot around here.  My mother and I have a humour-filled intimacy, where we laugh at all things to do with body functions, situations, and all sorts of things.  Laughter is definitely a family value that stands for so many things: a way to unite in front of adversity in a country where we did not understand much at first, a way to explore the new and not have it be so threatening, and now a way to say to each other that we belong in this little group, that we are accepted, that we can be vulnerable and make jokes about ourselves.

I noticed that the same is true about my old friends that come from Romania:  we do laugh a lot, a lot more than I laugh with my Canadian-born friends.   Same with my Italian friend.  It might be cultural, I don't know, but I suspect latin people value humour intensely.  I won't comment about other cultures, as I honestly have only observational perspective, not an insider's position, but I can say at this point that if I am going to develop an incisional hernia, it won't be because of lifting Emma prior to the prescribed 6 weeks, but because I cannot help but laugh at so many things...

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