Friday, February 22, 2013

Surgery today

I am having my second TAC surgery this morning. I have not had any inclination to blog about it. I have had so many surgeries that it is feeling pretty routine. I will post about my recovery, even if it is brief posts like this one.

My arrival time was 6 am (ouch) and I got here at 5:50 am. Waiting to get in to the main admissions desk. I woke Emma up to say goodbye, she will be staying with my mom. I brought just a few things:  hair brush, face stuff including some make up, phone charger, a house robe and thick socks, and three pairs of very high cut underwear, that I had to buy especially for this occasion since none of my usual thong sets goes above the incision line.

I am wearing Lululemon pants which I do not normally wear in the city but should be stretchy and comfortable afterwards.

I feel very relaxed and optimistic. I am looking forward to having completed this step of the journey and going back home to my baby. 

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