Sunday, February 24, 2013

Post op musings

I am at home, on the third day after my second TAC surgery.  (I don't know how to count the days, so I am assuming that Friday, the day of my surgery, was day 1.  Strictly speaking, in medical terms, that would be day 0, but I like to call it day 1 because it makes me feel like I am healing faster).

Some things are harder at home, like the fact that Emma decided to throw a 3 lb ball straight towards my abdomen, not realizing that I am not looking and would not be able to catch it.  I am also needing to be upright more, since I am going to the kitchen, keeping people company, helping cook mostly with instructions from the armchair, etc.  I am having visitors soon and decided to take a shower as well (that was nice).  So, overall, I am moving a lot more than I was in the hospital, and am hurting more as well. The diclofenac that they were giving me around the clock has caused gastritis symptoms, so I had to stop.  All I have to go on is regular tylenol, and the occasional tylenol no 3 (with codeine) that I have opted not to take much as it causes constipation.  (I can only imagine how much fun constipation+abdominal incision can be).

Sometimes the pain is in my abdomen, sometimes in the diaphragm, sometimes in the shoulders, and sometimes in the whole body.  When that happens, I just lie down and watch cartoons with Emma.  Things are not too bad, because I have a lot of help from my mom and dad, who take Emma when she gets too rowdy and wants to jump on my stomach.

Emma is very adaptable:  she is already treating me with more care and gentleness than she did yesterday.  She is also getting used to the idea of the fact that I cannot pick her up.

The strangest thing that I am noticing is this:  although I had the same exact incision with the c section, I don't remember having any pain after the C section at all!  I got up, lifted my baby (then 7 lb, now 30 lb), walked around with her, etc.  I felt pain in the breasts from the constant breastfeeding, but nothing in the abdomen.  I attribute this to either the spinal or to the novelty of having a much awaited baby.

Overall, the feeling I have about this surgery is "same old thing".  I am taking surgery with a mundane grain of salt at this point.  I know I shouldn't, but am getting to be a veteran at this, and just can't get too excited about it.  My only hope is that someday I can get pregnant again, and that this was not done in vain.  

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