Monday, January 30, 2012

sleep issues

I think Beth has made a very interesting and insightful comment to my previous post:  Emma might not be sleeping because of the fact that she wants to make sure I am still there.  The previous time when my mom had to look after her for a few days was when I was transferred to Edmonton and was in ICU with the massive post partum hemorrhage.  When I got her back we had similar issues:  she would wake up to make sure I am still there.  I think subconsciously she is worried that I might be gone for a long time again just because my mother is her caregiver for four hours per day.  Unfortunately, there is no solution for this except for time to pass and for her to become accustomed to my still being here despite her fears.

With work come other issues, like having to normalize her sleep:  she needs to nap 11-12:30 in the morning, because at 12:45 we leave for work.  She also needs to take her afternoon nap at 14:16:30 or so.  I am working hard to get her used to these times to sleep, as before we would simply nap together when she was tired.  Now I cannot really nap with her :( except maybe in the mornings for a bit.  It is definitely an adaption period for both of us.

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