Tuesday, January 10, 2012

alright then

I was so touched to see that people actually like reading my blog.  In fact, I really was impressed that anybody at all would be entertained by my blabbering here.  You guys have definitely encouraged me to continue, thank you!

Remember my belt obsession?  I had to return the previously bought belt because it was the wrong size (I had bought it on the internet).  But I finally think I have come to an endpoint of peace.  I have been tortured by this belt story for one whole week. ( MrH is certain that I need to go back to work, since I seem to put too much energy into endeavours without purpose.  But I digress).  I have been very very obsessed with the Hermes H belt.  I saw one in fuchsia colour at the Vancouver Hermes store (yes, feel free to ask what on Earth I am doing there in the first place).  Sometimes I like to feel, touch and smell great craftsmanship, fabulous materials, and undeniable quality, and so I put a nice outfit and go browse luxury stores in Vancouver like I have some business being there.   Occasionally I am very tempted, although if I really like an item, I will hunt for it on ebay and usually buy it used in nice condition, when it is out of season and all the japanese tai-tai's (ladies who lunch while hubby is working at well paid endeavour) need to refresh their wardrobe.  By wise bidding, I have come to possess a Bottega Veneta purse, a Chanel purse and two Prada purses, one of which I have to sell because my conscience says so.  Just not yet :)

Anyway, I digress.  I tried on this fuchsia Hermes H belt, and I died and went to heaven.  It was thin, buttery soft, flexible, gorgeous rich colour with extremely beautiful patent finish. LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE.  700 $ before tax.  MrH would divorce me if I spent that much money on a belt at this point in my life.  I mean c'mon, I have a child, and I am working part time starting next week, having just ended a ten month pregnancy/maternity leave.  Not wise.  Don't do it.  Don't go there.  But it would be such a lovely accessory... it would immediately step up any outfit, etc, etc.  Don't.  But it is so lovely and well done and it would certainly last until I die. (Since we all know that a fuchsia belt is something that an old lady wants to wear).  So my mind went into a state of obsession with this belt.  I wanted it so badly I was ruminating a subprogram in my brain that analyzed the cost effectiveness of such a purchase.

In the end, Math is golden.  This is how Fashion Math works:  you calculate the price per wear for each item.  A reasonable price per wear for a fabulous item is 1 $ for each time you wear it.  It is the same price that I pay for my stockings, which tend to break in two to three wears, and cost 18$ for six pairs at Costco.  So, since I pay that much for stockings, I figure the same price balance should be applied for other stuff too.  So I would have had to wear this belt 800 times after tax to get the right price per wear.  Since nobody in their right mind wears a fuchsia belt daily, unless it is their trademark (and I don't want that to be my trademark), say I would wear it once or twice a week.  In about 10-12 years I would get my price per wear to be around 1 dollar.  It is a bit much I think.

So I went to browse for another belt at Holt Renfrew, and as luck would have it, I stumbled upon a lovely, buttery soft charcoal Prada belt in the right length, on sale for 270$ (300 after tax).  It was half price.  I laughed when I told the saleswoman that we must be out of our minds if we feel that 300 $ for a belt is a bargain.  But, here is the catch:  the charcoal belt can be worn twice to three times a week easily, giving a nice glamorous accent to so many outfits.  I only have one other nice leather belt, so twice a week is very likely.  This means that in three years I got my price per wear.  Knowing Prada leather like I know Prada leather, I am quite certain that this belt will live much longer than three years, likely ten or more.  So it is a reasonable purchase.

And so I finally lay the belt story to rest.  I would very much like to add to my collection, but I will not.  The Prada belt is a nice all purpose belt, and I will be buried with it on at the ripe old age of 100.  Amen.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about browsing in luxury stores and feeling like you don't really belong! For me, it's a win-lose situation. I love, love, LOVE to browse through these stores, admiring the beautiful, luxurious, and often extravagant items. I often imagine how I would use an accessory or piece of clothing, and trying to find ways I could justify spending more on, for example, a purse than we do on our mortgage payment! However, I either end up buying something that I adore, and then worry for months about whether or not I should have spent that money on my child instead (like saving for his future education), or I don't buy it, and regret not having done so! Isn't it strange how our minds seem to work! I think that if I had a daughter and not a son, my closet would be stocked with more high quality items, as I would hope to pass them on to her someday, and could therefor justify the more frequent splurges.

    1. I love how you describe the tension, between buying and worrying, or not buying and regretting. I feel the same way. I think in the end it's a matter of realizing that there is no right answer for this dilemma (much like all other dilemmas in life) and living with the tension, and with the aftermath of whatever decision we make, eh? Shopping is a lot like life.

  2. HEY! Just read your blog about querying whether you should stop blogging....don't do it! I'm in the process of transfering all the information on my blog into a book (can be done quite easily but time consuming through blurb.com) anyhow its so beautiful to beable to go back and reread my thoughts, fears, mindless ideas, etc... I figure even if no one reads it its such a therapeutic thing to beable to jot down your feelings etc... and like I said just to look back is fabulous! Enjoy your blogging! ~ cheers julie