Sunday, January 29, 2012

I survived the first week!

I am logging in to report that I have survived my first week at work!!!

Don't ask me how.  On the one hand, my actual work was very much the same old thing, like riding a bicycle.  So that wasn't hard.  What was hard though was that:
1.  the password to log into the computer wasn't working
2.  we called IT, and they reset it, but it still wasn't working
3.  the third time it worked.
4.  the password to get into the software program wasn't working
5.  we reset it as well.
6.  once in there, the password to get into the clients' files wasn't working either
7.  also another call to IT, who by now started to worry if we weren't calling them every five minutes and they were calling us just to check that I am still alive.
8.  once all the stuff in the clinic was working, I realized that the software that connects us to the hospital imaging department was totally new, so my old password...DIDN'T WORK
9.  call the hospital IT department, who asked who I was, and said they would reset my password.
10.  then they called me again to confirm that I really was who I was, and asked me a whole bunch of verifying questions.
11.  then they called my receptionist to double check that I really exist and am not a loser who wants to look at other people's xrays over breakfast.
12.  by this time I was ready to go home and crawl under the bed for a week with a good book.
13.  all this activity took place while I was seeing clients one after another.  
14.  all these passwords were supposed to have already been reset last week, when I have called IT and my workplace to remind them of it.

In the meantime, Emma did very well with my mom, who is absolutely wonderful with her.  She did decide however to stop sleeping through the night, and she suddenly has a new wakeup schedule:  1 am, 3 am, 5 am, 7 am, 8 am totally awake with no hope in he!! of me ever sleeping again.  And now I cannot nap during lunch time either, because I am working.  So I am totally exhausted.  And irritable.  And I seem to only be able to write in short sentences.

Despite this, I have been able to do a fair amount of work, and to even go running twice, albeit only 5-7 km instead of 8-10 km like before.  And I have put on two pounds because of the stress.  Hopefully the next week will be easier and the weight will continue to go down, not up, as my goal is still to lose 10 lb more and I will keep on with it until it's done.

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  1. Well that sounds like an interesting first week! It's great that you have your Mom to help out right now. It's enough for Emma to get used to you being gone for part of the day without having to meet new caregivers right away as well.

    Hope that the second week is a bit less annoying at work and that Emma settles back into her sleep. She might be waking up more to make sure you are still there or to make sure she can spend as much time with you as possible. I know some babies who are in daycare "reverse cycle" by sleeping during the day and being awake at night so they get to see their parents as much as possible.