Saturday, September 10, 2011

trotting along

The milk is staying at 1 oz per feeding session for now, or in other words about 8  oz per day.  That is good, but she eats 24 oz easily at this point, trying to catch up, and so it is hard to imagine that I will ever be able to supply all that for her.  The tube system that I use for feeding her is hard to use, much harder than a bottle, as it requires someone to hold the bottle and me holding the tube and someone holding her hands that fly all over the place (and I am that someone and the other someone too, but I only have two hands and two legs and one set of teeth, all of which are getting used in this process), and I often just want to pop a silicone nipple onto the bottle and give it to her the old fashion way.  But I don't.  Not because I am holier than thou, which I am of course, but because if I give it the old fashioned way, she tends to spit up a lot more, and FORMULA STAINS!  I had no idea until I used it myself, but it stains and it reeks.  The stains don't come out in the regular wash.  Any spit ups just about require a bath and a full change of clothes, and I am lazy.  So tube system is here to stay.  But man, is life ever complicated!  I just wish my freaking milk was coming back through my nose.

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  1. We too are using a tube feeding system to get my daughter fed at this point. However we are doing 'finger feeding' as she will not latch at the breast with the tube in the way, plus as you say it's difficult to do as a one man show! I am interested to know where you get your tubes (we've been getting some when we go for breastfeeding help at clinics, but would like a better 'supplier' if possible so we don't feel like we're begging). Also I would be interested to know how you manage to do the tube feeding at the breast by yourself. My husband has to go back to work soon and then I'll be on my own and I'm worried because I don't know how I'm going to feed my kid without resorting to bottles!!! If you have time (and I know you don't because holy hell feeding and pumping and cleaning all the required supplies takes forever), I would love to hear from you at