Saturday, August 25, 2012

new babysitter, hard week

Life is a bit stressful at the moment.  We are trying to make decisions about the future, and just as I thought things fell into a good groove, something else came up, and I felt left in the air again.  Life is like that, nothing is aligned perfectly, probably ever, which is what makes living an art as opposed to a science, I suppose.

Emma is adapting to a new babysitter, and she has been very clingy the entire week.  This drives me a bit insane, as I cannot peel myself off her (or, more precisely, I cannot peel her off my leg to which she attaches herself to dear life).  Hence, the house was a mess for a few days as I could not tidy up with her stuck to my leg, and also we ate a whole lot of bread and butter instead of the usual cooked meals.  I have done my best to put dinner on the table every night, but for the rest of the meals, only Emma got something cooked each time, the rest of us ate bad carbs.

And we survived.  Note to self: next time we transition to a new babysitter arrangement, get a cleaning lady to come in twice or three times that week, as I cannot do squat other than reassure my child that I am not disappearing forever from her life.  And freeze some meals ahead of time.  And drop those standards way down low (that is the hardest one for me).

I need a holiday.


  1. Don't know how you cope. All the best and lowering House standards is okay; our kids are small for such a short time. Elize

  2. Hi, why so quiet? All okay?