Tuesday, July 24, 2012

sunshine of my life

My day has been very hard.  On top of some personal issues, I had to deal with a completely overbooked clinic, and an assistant that started crying when I asked her to phone the lab for results a second time.  I think I was impatient with her, because I was running so far behind (I was one whole hour behind) and my voice betrayed my state of mind.  I apologized lots, and gave her a hug, and tried to make amends, but I felt like the whole interaction left her and me feeling unwell.  We had a talk about the differences between Europeans and Canadians, in that people from Europe are a lot more aggressive and direct in her opinion.  I tried to not get offended, since it is not the first time that I hear that, and I know that there is a lot of truth in her words, but by Golly I am VERY TIRED of hearing people complain about the fact that I am not like the Canadians, i.e. I am impatient and aggressive.  I don't think I am particularly difficult, case in point being that my employee (whom I pay) feels comfortable enough analyzing my upbringing and shortcomings, and I must say I am a bit disappointed by the whole incident, since I thought that I had worked very hard over the past ten years to smooth down my rough edges and integrate into my now-home country.

It seems I have failed.  Yet again.  Duh.

At the end of a day where I had a fight with my husband, my mom was upset with me the whole day because she heard me fighting with my husband, my employee cried and my patients were waiting for a whole hour, I got home and looked at Emma and still felt like I am really, truly blessed.  My daughter is the sunshine of my world.

Now if only I could undergo a personality transplant.

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