Thursday, July 21, 2016

non weight bearing

I asked the surgeon how long I should be non weight bearing (NWB), and he said six weeks.  Then I asked whether he means I can start weight bearing a bit when it feels better, like around four weeks.  "Nope" was the answer.  Then I asked whether I can do some water running, and he said no.  Just do nothing, and don't weight bear.

However, a lot of recovery protocols on the internet allow for some weight bearing after screw insertion, some as early as tolerated.  That of course will keep the ankle joint and the rest of the foot in a better mood to weight bear when time comes.  So, I asked surgeon no 2 whether the NWB protocol is correct, and he said yeah, six weeks.  I guess they are both in the very conservative camp.

I am still having a hard time accepting the six weeks of NWB but I will probably stick to it mostly, and maybe do some 20% partial weight bearing around week five if the foot is completely non painful.

Obviously, as with all losses, I am in the bargaining stage.  I wonder if I can skip straight to acceptance.  In the meantime, my balance on the left leg has improved a lot, I can stand and even briefly sweep the floor with the right leg balanced in the air.  The problem is mostly my right hip, the hamstrings are giving me a hard time, and thank God for MrH that gave me a massage, so that I can move again, because I was so sore that I could hardly sleep last night.  The abnormal body mechanics cause a lot of imbalances.

On Monday, I will be seeing the massage therapist and then the chiropractor.  I am hoping that they can balance me out.  I don't ever go to massage, and only went to the chiropractor once, when my mid back was out of whack after my second pregnancy, probably a sequela of bedrest. It is expensive, but for this injury I think it might be worth a try.

I have noticed that in the US people describe having to pay several thousands for this operation, and hence deciding for the conservative treatment because of attempting to save money.  At least I am happy that in Canada I only have to decide if I can afford the auxiliary treatments, like physiotherapy and massage, but not so much the main therapy that affects the outcome in a significant way.  I can only imagine how difficult it is to mix these important decisions (do I want surgery, or do I want to wait it out in a cast?) with the bank account.

Will update soon.  In the meantime, I am going to dress the kids.  On my butt.


  1. I broke my ankle at the end of March, and had a plate and seven screws inserted. I was in a cast and non-weight bearing for six weeks. The thing that kept me strictly following their instructions was the thought of how much longer I might have to be in a cast and on crutches if I did weight bear too soon, did some damage, and was sent back to square one.

    Many times I wondered how I would have coped if I'd had young children. I wouldn't have coped very well. Ask for help. From friends, family, neighbours. You need it. And deserve it.

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