Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do these crutches make me look fat?

Leave it to me to worry about whether I look good on crutches or not. I take it as a sign that my stress level is improving. When I get stressed, I function on the bare necessities and no more: no make up, basic clothing that is loose and easily washed, limited food choices that require minimal prep. In fact, I undereat as well. I am pretty sure that with the foot ordeal I lost some weight.

Tonight I am developping an infection in my operated foot. It is red and hot and painful. I phoned the surgeon, who said to take antibiotics. I am taking clindamycin and hoping for the best. It is not the first time I develop a post op wound infection, it is the third time, but I am somewhat nervous every time. In the past it has been a brief two day affair, so I am hoping that it will be better by tomorrow.

Anyway, back to how to look good on crutches. I think crutches can be an awesome accessory, and they go well with an oversized accent piece such as a cast on the right foot. Make sure to hold head up high and walk straight and with good posture.  It might interfere with your balance and with scanning the ground for potholes, but looking good is important. Also, do not forget to wear a great heeled shoe on the left foot. So what if it makes hobbling difficult? Looks are important (see above).

Good luck and be chic ;)

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