Saturday, April 23, 2016

I got the kids a doll house, since they never had one, and I think Emma might be old enough to enjoy pretend play of this nature.  It is this one as it is the only one available in our town.

Anyway, instead of playing with the house, the most interesting part of the day for them was playing with the wrapping paper that the doll furniture came in.  Probably because it took me three hours to assemble the darn thing.  It did not help that I did it completely wrong the first time and had to take it apart, screws and all.

Here is Emma, pretending to be Cinderella, with a paper bag on her head.  In the background, her brother is eating watermelon in his high chair, and is upset that he is not being photographed.  Hence he got photographed as well, watermelon and all.

In addition, my hubby bought me a quad that everybody got very excited about.  The excitement had nothing to do with the actual quad, but rather with the goggles that one wears while riding it.
Emma is into playing "baby" so she likes to suck on a soother, which greatly enhances her charm and beauty.

I am off to bed.  It is late and I am so tired.  I ran 17 km today, of which the last 5 km were a high school fundraiser race, so rather faster than I would have liked to.  Next week we are supposed to be running a half marathon, just for fun (not an actual race, mind you, because we cannot afford to go to the Vancouver BMO Marathon on May 1 so we will just pretend we are there).   I will try to find some medal substitutes at the dollar store too :)

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