Wednesday, April 20, 2016

a new project

I have precious little time nowadays, but I would like to try a new project that might motivate me to take more photos of the kids:  for the next few months (i.e over the summer) I would like to take some photos of the kids or anything else that is interesting and post them on the blog, along with a paragraph of writing.  It is not much, but I would like to do it daily or at least every other day if possible.  Kind of like project 365 but with some writing, and not quite 365 because I am not that disciplined.

Speaking of discipline, I was swimming tonight in my adult swim class (it is a bit like master's swim club) and complained to the ladies that I did not feel like coming to the pool at 7 pm.  In fact, I almost never do, as it is late and I am tired, and the workouts are hard.  Another lady who teaches Physical Education at the local high school (and is very fit, and has two kids around the same ages as mine) said that once something is in her schedule, like this class, there is no possible option to skip it.  I drew a blank there.  I rewrite my schedule every five minutes.  In fact, I hardly have a schedule at all, other than the various classes that Emma and I go to, and work, and her preschool.  That is about it.  It is pretty hectic as it is though, and I would love to simplify it somewhat.  If I feel overwhelmed on some days, I definitely "rewrite" the schedule on the spot and scrap the class.

I guess that is why this lady is a lot faster in the pool (and, incidentally, on the running track) than I am.  Oh well.  Mental sanity comes first, and I am not as resilient as some other iron ladies.

So, on with today's pictures we go:  

The kids decided to play "explorer" in the  morning, at 7 am.  They woke up, had a shower and a bath (my kids like to wash, what can I say) and then Emma decided that they must put on hats and "explore".  She gathered some things that she felt that explorers must have in their purse, like my measuring tape, and my lipstick, and my Hermes vintage watch (tsk tsk, I took that one back) and went on gathering bird feathers as part of a great exploration project. 

I love them so much!  and they are a great team lately, playing all sorts of pretend games that I think might be the focus of my future photography. 

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  1. My schedule is a mess (and very dynamic) too... so I have no suggestions. But the kids look adorable!