Monday, April 21, 2014

so far, so good

We seem to be doing quite well at home.  He is eating even better than he was at the NICU, and peeing up a storm.  He got a mild diaper rash on a very small area, from a tiny poop made in his sleep.  His skin is very, very sensitive.  I am more paranoid than ever to keep on changing him very often, usually hourly, unless I am sleeping, in which case it goes to two hours max.  We are using cloth diapers, the G-diapers brand, which I have used successfully with Emma.  They now came up with newborn sizes, and they are incredibly cute and well built.  Because of the change in diapers from disposables to cloth, I am hyper vigilant about the skin.  If I see any other areas that are getting red other than the above mentioned one, I am going to change back to disposables for another few weeks, until his skin thickens.  The main advantage of the disposables is the ability to smear Penaten cream on, which one cannot use with cloth, as it alters the absorbability of the cotton.  I am using an organic cream called Bum bum, with calendula, which is supposed to be diaper friendly.  I will report on how it is working for us so far in a few days.

Today I have lifted Emma for the first time in 4 months, and I was shocked by how heavy she is.  I have weakened considerably during my bed rest/no activity time.  I did some lunges, about 16-20 on each leg, and felt like I tore my quads for the subsequent two days.  I have a long road ahead as far as regaining my previous fitness level.

My little man Daniel is starting to get stronger.  I feel like he is holding his head quite a bit better than he was a few days ago.  I am reassured by the fact that he seems to be thriving at home, as yesterday I was debating whether I am doing the right thing by bringing him home. Now I know.


  1. I am so glad he is home and doing well. Please send photos when possible.
    I also remember how big the older kids seemed to be when I got home with a new baby. Be careful though!

  2. Hey! Any news and or pictures?