Friday, December 27, 2013

update 19w5d

Here is a quick update after my ultrasound and my OB appointment.  The cervix is holding well, but I do have a low lying placenta, which should not be a big deal given that I am having a scheduled C section.  So far, it is 1 cm from the internal os, but I think it will move upwards as the uterus is growing.  The length of the cervix is 3.6 cm, not much changed from the 16 week ultrasound.  The baby looks good as well, no problems with the anatomy, and he is growing according to the number of weeks (he was 4 days bigger than the actual date).

However, the OB asked me to simmer down with the lifting and activity level.  I have been carrying on so far as if I were not pregnant, not resting, and picking up Emma all the time, carrying groceries, and even shovelling snow.  Apparently all of that needs to stop, since I am putting too much pressure on the cerclage and he is worried it could tear.  I did have a tear into the uterine wall with the last pregnancy, so really, who am I to argue, hence we all decided that it is time for me to quit work and get benched for the duration of the pregnancy.  My work is very active, constantly sit/stand every 2-3 minutes, and in addition to that, getting to work means carrying Emma to the car as she hates walking in one foot of snow and tends to just sit down at -30C and start screaming that it is "too cold" (duh!).  So, I am retiring for the year.

It was quite a mental adjustment again.  My work is important to me, and I enjoy the social interactions, and the brain usage that comes with it.  I am very good at keeping busy though, and I have decided that this pregnancy I am learning German.  I have wanted to learn German before, but just never really applied myself, but my goal is to learn enough to perhaps understand some of the youtube videos in German, and then to maybe take a few classes with a live teacher while I am in Vancouver.  My other goal is to have enough time to teach Emma more Romanian.  I tend to speak English with her, as I can see how fast her vocabulary is advancing and I love teaching her new words, while as in Romanian I have to start from the basics again, but with more time on my hands spent with her I can switch more to Romanian without worrying that she is missing out on developing her English vocabulary.

I can only count my blessings and particularly be happy about not being on strict bed rest, because that is the hardest part of pregnancy for an active young (?) woman who likes to go go go.

If anybody with an abdominal cerclage could tell me how you handled work and lifting your toddler, that would be great!

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