Monday, December 23, 2013

my little collector

I have noticed that, for the past few months, Emma likes to collect things, and she does not let go of them.  In fact, if she wakes up from sleep, she asks about those things, and if she cannot find them, she starts bawling and I cannot put her back to sleep until I look for them.  I guess she decided that safest is to go to bed with whatever the object of interest du jour is.  In the past week, she has gone to bed with the following: two rolling pins from the kitchen (night one), a sieve and a funnel (night two), a stuffed ladybug and a stuffed horse (night three), a baloon (night four), my makeup brushes, etc.  She prefers to have two of whatever in general, one on each side.  The rolling pins were especially memorable because they stuck into my ribs all night long, as we still sleep together, and every time I tried to remove them, she woke up and held on tight.  Cannot interfere with her treasure, that's for sure.

Anyway, tomorrow is ultrasound day.  Update afterwards.  Merry Christmas in anticipation! I have a mixture of feelings of hope that this pregnancy does not end shortly after Christmas, like Adrian's did, and wanting to believe differently and to relax about the holidays so that I can enjoy them.

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