Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am getting a lot of spam comments lately, I was wondering if the rest of you that have blogs are getting the same problem.  Every day, some loser that is trying to promote their website writes some bogus comment that has nothing to do with the kettle of fish, and the comments come to my email.  I am not, however, seeing them on the blog itself, so I guess some spam blocker must be in place.

Still, I get so excited when I see a comment in my inbox in the mornings, and then realize it is spam...such a bummer.  I get the feeling that I am getting tricked, and falling for the same trick every time.


  1. I am getting them too! Mostly for some kind of weight-loss supplement, or else a fertility drug. I am relatively happy with my weight, though, and have all the children I can handle. Boo, spammers!

  2. Spam is never fun! Glad you enjoyed a quick beach trip before settling into the snow for the winter. I am finding the indoors is a VERY confining place for my almost 2 year old. Hope Emma is more enthusiastic about indoor fun!

  3. i have gotten so many. it's infuriating.