Monday, November 19, 2012


This concludes our two birthday back to back series and the inevitable weight gain that starts the season... We had a very nice dinner for MrH, an organic roast chicken that I prepared with garlic, and mashed potatoes with nutmeg, peas and Brussels sprouts, and then for dessert the chocolate ice cream (divine, divine!!!) and a creme brulee that turned out really brulee because I have no torch and tried to use the broiler to caramelize the sugar.  Ended up cremating the sugar on top, but everything underneath was still scandalously decadent.

I was reading now about this woman in New York whose two beloved children were murdered by the nanny.  How very very sad!  The nanny was obviously mentally ill, and everything sounded completely devoid of any explanation that a human mind can comprehend... I can only say that my heart weeps for this tragic, unexpected loss, that makes no sense to anybody.

Yet...if you read the comments that people leave behind on the articles published in the media, it is so upsetting to see how they sound as if things could have somehow been prevented:  should not have left kids with nanny, one should raise own children, don't trust anybody with your kids, and don't ask the nanny to do housework, don't fight with nanny, blah blah.  People!  This nanny was not normal, don't make it sound as if it the parent's fault.  What the heck?  Have some heart!

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