Saturday, November 26, 2011

blissfully happy

OK, so don't make dulce de leche if you are trying to lose weight.  It should be pretty obvious to anybody, but in my excitement to perfect the recipe, I made TWO batches, the first one was overcooked (but still good, just very gelatinous), the second one was almost perfect, I am quite certain that a third batch would be impossibly good, but fortunately I ran out of milk, and it is snowing outside so I am not going to buy any right now.  I have decided instead to read about the Maillard reaction (the reaction that causes the milk to caramelize and become so delicious).  Because I am that busy.

Emma has her three month appointment today.  She is actually 3.5 months old, but I could not get in sooner.  Her GP (my GP) was worried about her growth initially so he insisted that he must see her in between the 2 and the 4 month appointment as well.  She has probably jumped from 50th to 90th percentile in weight, and she must be at least 75th percentile in height and head circumference.  This is just from my estimations, but we'll see how accurate I am today.  Too lazy to do proper measurements at home.

I have lost one follower on the blog, and I am actually becoming aware just how boring my life/blog has become.  I am one of those blissfully happy people who worry about getting dulce de leche right, instead of whether I have enough money for yet one more IVF, or whether I will ever have a baby, or yet deeper  existential questions about the meaning of an infertile woman's life.  Etc.  No doubt all of those questions have made me grow, and made me a much more interesting person, but I love being blissfully senselessly happy and droning on through diaper changes, drool and spit up, and daily walks with a gurgling smiling Emma in my arms.

Addendum:  Emma is 90th percentile in length, and 75th in weight and head circumference.  She will probably be tall like me and MrH.  I was happy to hear that, although as MrH pointed out correctly, taller girls have a harder time finding a mate.  Yes, I agree, but we can reach the top shelf by ourselves, and gracefully carry 20 lb extra, and when we do find a mate, he is usually tall and well built.

Addendum no 2:  I weigh 173 lb.  Not much progress, must step on the accelerator and lose some more. I can almost fit into all of my clothes, I can zip them up but not breathe, which is a bit of a problem, so probably another five to ten pounds later I will be able to wear them AND breathe.  Bonus!


  1. It's so wonderful to see how far you've come! What a beautiful baby girl :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog ICLW #29

  2. The bliss is great! Enjoy your bliss our blogs are for ourselves and through them we meet others.

    Happy ICLW #16
    Donor Diva

  3. Wonderful to hear all your news and be following along with you... blissfully happy is inspirational to those of us striving to get there. So sorry to hear about your darling Adrian... we lost our Gabrielle at 20 weeks. Emma is adorable... and love her photos and your pregnancy ones. Let me know if you have any trouble getting into my private blog xoxo

  4. Glad to hear things are going so well :)

  5. It sounds like everything is going well which is what I expected. Also, I never thought Emma wouldn't be tall.

    PS: Mmmm, dulce de leche.