Thursday, May 16, 2013

spa life

I am trying to lose weight.  I am always trying to lose weight.  I have one of those bodies that burns very efficiently, and as a result I don't need much food to stay pleasantly plump.  It gets worse as time goes on. 

Whenever I am on holidays, even if it is only for a few days, and even if it involves Easter with all its goodies, I seem to lose weight.  I am much more aware of what I put in my body, and despite not exercising ('cause I am not exercising on holidays, you know), I come home a few pounds lighter.  I think that the feeling of being spoiled, and free of worries, is very important.

Which is why I have decided to adopt a pseudo-spa attitude at home.  I have my water with mint leaves or with lemon juice squeezed in.  I have my moment of stretching on the grass during the day, or of floating in the pool after my swim.  I take Emma to the babysitter one hour prior to work, and use that hour to myself, mostly for exercise, but I am thinking that I will take a bit of time to just read a book, something mindless, while laying on the grass and smelling the ants.  Or something like that.

This kind of thinking is what makes me lose weight.  The basic premise is that I am fabulous, and because I am so fabulous I am not going to endanger my fabulous silouhette with sugar or carbs or eating too much.  I strive for a flat (i.e. mostly empty) stomach that will match my great relaxed attitude and go very well with a floaty summery dress.  And with this attitude usually comes great cooking as well, because I try to make everything taste special, not to mention that being so hungry all the time all I want to do is read recipes...hehehe.

I am currently weighing myself often, and am at 162 lb (my height is 5ft9in)-metric 1.75cm/72kg.  I would love to go down to 148 lb, which was my weight for a long time in university, and even afterwards, before having children.  But most importantly, I would like to feel like I am skinny-fit.  And that is a feeling only loosely related to the weight. 

We have a long weekend coming up, I want to see how I do about the fabulous skinny fit me emerging from the cocoon.

That, and I have to start weaning Emma.  Always on the to-do list.

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