Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Emma took her first step today, as the babysitter tells me... it figures, even working part time, my kid will choose to meet a major milestone when I am away and unable to express my awe.  I did see her take a step today though, and even if it was a small one, and after the first one seen by the nanny, I was still pretty happy.  She is doing well and impressing me with how athletic and busy she can be.

On the news side:  I went to Vancouver to talk to a local specialist in transabdominal cerclages, and after a nerve wracking interview (for both of us, I think) he told me that although he has no clue what could have happened to my old cerclage, nor can he tell me that it will not happen again, he thinks I should get the cerclage replaced via an open procedure and pre-pregnancy.  So, on August 9, he is doing it (and the medical services plan of BC is covering it, yay!).  So, alas, no dr. Haney for me.  I would have liked to see greatness, but will settle for free-and-decently-good.  I think this guy has enough experience to make me want to give it a go.

Still no periods.  Emma is breastfeeding ad lib, and I am quite certain that my prolactin level is still high.  So, we are still far away from attempting another pregnancy.  However, I am preparing for another IVF, whenever it might be.  Part of the preparation was supposed to involve a hysteroscopy, done at the IVF centre in Vancouver.  Well, they tried... and tried... to do an awake office hysteroscopy on me, and could not do it.  It hurt so much that I nearly passed out.  I think the threat of barfing on them made them stop.  I should dedicate an entire post to that one, but essentially know that when they give you a rubber squeeze ball to hold during the procedure, it ain't gonna be pretty, despite all the lovely warm packs that you get placed on your abdomen.  In fact hey, if they place a warming pack on your abdomen prior to the procedure, RUN.

'Nuff said.  I am getting a hysterosalpingogram instead.  There was no entrance to my uterus awarded at this particular time, hence no hysteroscopy.

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