Friday, March 23, 2012

life at 7 months

Emma fills my life with so much happiness...all the time... I cannot believe that another human being can be so adorable, so loving, so loveable, and can take my heart over like that.  She is sleeping in our bed right now, and I can hear her breathing through her sniffling nose (she has constantly stuffy nose).  She will soon wake up a bit as she still does not connect sleep cycles very well, and will start rooting for a boob, without opening her eyes, whining just enough to make sure I hear her, and twisting her little lips in a downward curve to show me that she needs me and I'd better tend to her agenda ASAP.  Without opening her eyes (still!) she will expect me to plop a boob in her mouth, which I will, and which she will take greedily.  All the while, my heart will melt for how cute and small and adorable she is, not believing that she is mine and at the same time feeling like she has been mine since forever.  And I will give her what she wants, happily adding kisses on her warm head, caresses on her thin hair, and hugging her body in close to mine until she falls asleep.

She is now crawling well, and today she sat on all fours, ready for beginning to cruise.  She also went down two stairs when I wasn't watching (tsk, tsk!) and to my relief she chose to go bum first instead of head first.  She loves the cat, and in particular loves to remove fistfuls of hair off the cat's back and to put them straight in her mouth.  She probably already has a fur ball in her intestines growing as we speak.  If she could put the entire cat in her mouth, she would.

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